Organisational Chart


The following are the persons required for the completion of this project:

1. Programme Manager This person will be responsible for the oversight of the entire project that is the status of all projects related to and their purpose. This oversight can be used to ensure that the overall project goals are met.

2. Project Manager This person is responsible for the planning, execution and closing of project. He or she is also responsible for accomplishing project objectives. The project manager will report to the programme manager on the progress of the project.

3. Accountant This person will be responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the financial records. He or she will report to the project manager keeping him inform as to if the project is on budget etc.

4. Trainer This person is responsible for educating the farmers in the project grow box technique as well as maintenance and risk mitigation/ prevention. He or she will report to the project manager advising on the progress of training, if more time is needed etc.

5. Materials Manager - this person responsible for sourcing, procuring and delivery of the materials, seedlings and fertilizer for the project.'

6. Operations Manager - this person manages the installation and operation for the first crop yield. All the coordinating of the installation, seedlings, fertilizer use and complaints falls under this position. The trainers can report to this person. The Operations Manager reports to the Project Manager.

7. Project Sponsor- this person facilitates the project taem with direction from the minstry and suports the Project Manager past the bureacratic impedance. The Project Manager reports to the Project sponsor


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