Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral solutions, in water, without soil. This project aims to introduce, develop and promote community-base and low-cost hydroponically grown food production to low-income families in Community X. It will enable these individuals to produce hydroponically-grow crops all year round for themselves allowing them to meet their own nutritional requirements and complement to their daily income. Ultimately, the project seeks to empower these individuals to become active participants in the country’s drive toward agricultural modernization and attainment of food.

6.2 SCOPEEdit

This project includes:

  • Holding meetings with the ministry, team members (all persons involved in the project).

  • Hiring and training personnel for delivery of the project.

  • Preparation of documentation for the community participants on the grow box drive.

  • Acquiring office space and equipment for setup.

  • Marketing idea to community (public).

  • Holding information workshops.

This project has excluded:

  • Allocating a budget for the grow box initiative.


· Support of the Ministries of Food, Production, Land and Marine Affairs and Community Development.

· Community members will respond positively to the initiative.

· Community will have the financial resources to participate in the project.


· Project must commence and be completed within the semester period.

· Start-up costs are moderately high.

· Financial support from Ministry of Food Production, Land and Marine Affairs.

· Financial resources of participants.

· Grow Box Technology must not be used to grow illegal plants.

· Limited availability of fertilizer solution sources.


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